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Selena Gomez’s drink of choice: wine or Jack & Coke!


Selena Gomez had a great 2013, and one of her milestone moments was turning 21! But to her dismay, the first time she went out to a bar she didn’t get carded.

Backstage at #Z100JingleBall, she told JJ that when she goes out, she prefers a glass of wine or Jack and Coke.

When JJ asked about some of the negative responses to her single “Come And Get It,” she said, “I think people can’t handle growing up,” adding, “I’m getting older and I’m confident in myself.”

Selena went on to talk about how she’s not one to talk badly about other female artists, “Everybody has their own thing… there’s so much room for everyone.”

Source: Z100

(Source: smg-news)

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