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"Speaking of momentum, another area of outstanding growth in the quarter was at the adidas NEO label, where sales increased 24%, with double-digit growth in all regions. Our Selena Gomez collaboration took on a whole new dynamic in its second year, with over five hundred thousand conversations on Twitter in the first two days after the collection launch."
~ Herbert Hainer, Adidas Group CEO, on how Selena’s Adidas NEO Collection has impacted their financial results for the first quarter of 2014

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@selenagomez That one time I had ma Latina texture going on.. Or just.. everyday

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"Selena is OK. She just realized it was time to take a break for herself. She’s been working non-stop for six years. She hit a wall. She wants to spend time with her family, especially for the holidays. She doesn’t like to say no, but she just reached a point where she needs a minute. She is not having a breakdown. She wants to be the healthiest that she can be and this means taking a little break. But she is fine. She is OK."
~ E! News on Selena cancelling her Australian tour (x)

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"We asked her. It was perfect casting. That kid can act."
~ William H. Macy on how he got Selena Gomez to join “Rudderless”

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"She’s the real deal. I was very impressed. She’s a very talented young woman. Selena’s in three scenes so she’s in and out very quickly. She showed up at Charlton’s [Pettus - the engineer and music co-writer] studio to record her song, and I said what do you think of it? She said, “I haven’t heard it yet.” I said, we didn’t sing you the song? And we didn’t. That woman listened to the song three times and then sang it beautifully."
~ William H. Macy talks about Selena Gomez being in “Rudderless” when asked, “It seems like it will be a different side to her than we’ve seen before”

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"The difference between Taylor and me is she was sixteen with the confidence of a 25-year-old. Actually, I should say 80-year-old, because she’s such an old soul. I was not that way. I was very sheltered until about eighteen or nineteen. I still live at home, and I’m 21! She does inspire me like crazy, but I wouldn’t change my path, because it allowed me to figure out all that stuff and do it on my own."
~ Selena Gomez on BFF Taylor Swift in her December/January 2013/2014 Teen Vogue Issue (via smg-news)

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i make mistakes all the time, but i guess my job is to keep those mistakes to myself, which i’m already fine doing and just try to be the best i can be.

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