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Selena Gomez in Rudderless: What a “Mitzvah,” Says Director William H. Macy


It didn’t take long for William H. Macy to go after Selena Gomez for Rudderless, the new indie movies that marks his directorial debut.

"It was sort of a no-brainer as soon as we thought of it," Macy tells me. "I had just seen Spring Breakers and she’s the best thing in that, and she said, ‘Yes.’ She’s the real deal. I would love to do something with her again. That girl can act."

Rudderless (in theaters and on VOD on Friday) focuses on the story of a father (Billy Crudup) who finds recordings of his son’s music after he dies in a school shooting. Gomez makes an appearance in the film as the boy’s girlfriend.

"It’s been such a mitzvah for us to have her because she has so many fans that just adore her," Macy said.

He then cracked, “I picked up her phone and accidently hit the ‘z’ button and it got tweeted and it got 783,000 retweets.”


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